Closed to New Patients

I am taking a hiatus from scheduling New Patient appointments as my practice is currently full, and I will be going on leave April 2022 through July 2022. This website, and my Psychology Today profile, will be updated as soon as I start booking new patients again, which will likely be in Fall or Winter 2022.

Please consider the following psychiatrists: Dr Evelyn Nelson (adults 18+), Dr Sarah Zheng (children, teens and adults), Dr Sarah Ho (adults), Dr Ilyse Rosenberg (children, teens and adults), Dr Marsha Chenoweth (children, teens and young adults), Dr Roberto Montenegro (children, teens and adults), Dr Laurie Andorfer (reproductive women’s mental health), Binnacle Psychiatry (adults), Psychiatric Medicine Associates (adults), Dr Laura Black (children, teens and adults), Dr Monica Samelson (adults), Dr Kat Jong (teens and adults), or Dr Rie Sharky  (children, teens and women).

Other clinic options, especially for those on Apple Health, are Sound Health, Valley Cities, SeaMar Community Health Centers, Compass Health, Unity Care NW, Catholic Community Services, and Peninsula Behavioral Health.

Accepting New Patients

My name is Aba Nduom MD, and I am a solo Private Practice Psychiatrist in Redmond, WA. I treat adults and children, and I do both medications and psychotherapy, though not with every patient. I am only accepting new medication patients as my Therapy spots are full. I have a special interest in Perinatal/Reproductive Psychiatry, especially people who have or are dealing with Infertility, and I also love working with parents.

I am once again accepting new patients, but on a fairly limited basis as my practice is quite full. It can be anywhere from 3-8 weeks until I have an opening available. Please call me at 425-414-8799, and leave a voicemail with your name, phone number, and some good call back times. I will typically call you back within a week for a brief screening phone call before scheduling a first appointment. Parents may call on behalf of their children or teenagers. Alternatively, you may fill out this form.

Due to the new coronovirus, I am only seeing patients virtually. This will continue for the foreseeable future as psychiatric appointments are a high risk activity. While theoretically, we could meet in person and both wear masks, I feel that too much is lost when we cannot see each other’s faces.

I see patients on Mondays through Thursdays, with most new appointments falling on Thursday afternoon. I respond to new patient inquiries between appointments, and on Fridays, my admin day.

Please see the Payment tab for information about which insurance companies I am in network with, and what my direct pay rates are.

Some colleagues who are also open to new patients: Dr Rie Sharky, Dr Laura Black, and Dr Monica Samelson