I am taking a hiatus from scheduling New Patient appointments. This website will be updated as soon as I start booking new patients again.

Please consider the following psychiatrists: Dr Mallory Grove (Adults 18+, Perinatal Psychiatry), Dr Annabelle Dampier (children, teens and adults), Dr Evelyn Nelson (adults 18+), Dr. Sneha Sastry (children, teens, and adults), Dr Sarah Zheng (children, teens and adults), Dr Frederick Duennebier (children, teens, and adults), Dr Sarah Ho (adults), Dr Sean Ziegler (adults), Dr Christina Clark (children and teens), Dr Ilyse Rosenberg (children, teens and adults), Dr Marsha Chenoweth (children, teens and young adults), Dr Kirstin B Kirschner (children, teens, and adults), Dr Mary Shickich (Adults, Reproductive Psychiatry), Dr Roberto Montenegro (children, teens and adults), Dr Laurie Andorfer (reproductive women’s mental health), Binnacle Psychiatry (adults), Psychiatric Medicine Associates (adults), Dr Laura Black (children, teens and adults), Dr Monica Samelson (adults), Dr Kat Jong (teens and adults), Dr Rie Sharky  (children, teens and women), Dr John Frederick (adults), West Coast Psychiatry (adults), or Dr Jacob Markowitz (adults).

Other clinic options, especially for those on Apple Health, are Sound Health, Valley Cities, SeaMar Community Health Centers, Compass Health, Unity Care NW, Catholic Community Services, and Peninsula Behavioral Health.

For Therapy, please consider: The Seattle Clinic, Seattle Psychology, Child and Teen Solutions, Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS), Child and Adolescent Psychological Services of Seattle (CAPSS), and Market Street Psychotherapy.